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Landing Page

Landing page is a webpage that a person lands on after logging in QPunch.

QPunch Smart Project Management Tool lets you customize your landing page through subscription settings. To do that,

Step 1: In the home page, Click on the Subscription Settings

Step 2: In the Subscription Settings, Select”Users” tab.

Step 3: Inside the Users tab, User’s name is listed. Scroll to the right, Click on edit button.

Step 4: Clicking edit button, A pop up window will appear. Here you can set your default project. Click Update User to save changes.

Step 5: Once updated close the box and go back to your home page. Select your default project. Click on project setting icon.

Step 6: Inside the project setting, Click Project Roles tab.

Inside the Project Roles tab, landing page and other permissions are maintained.

Step 7: Under the landing page tab, you can choose default landing page for your project. In here “Calendar” is you landing page.

Next time when you try to login you will be redirected to your default landing page. See image below.

You can choose different landing pages from the settings. Listed here are the following: Team utilization, Punch, Calendar, Gantt, Report and Dashboard. This will make your work easier when you choose the correct landing page. You can see your daily task, progress and priorities.

Landing page is easily accessible with simplicity of information and focus on one specific goal. It is great tool for users to be redirected to a single page without traffic and give a good start for the day.

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