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QPunch as a Project Management Software QPunch as a Project Management Software

QPunch as a Project Management Software

QPunch utilizes modern cutting edge technologies to accelerate project processes for providing utmost value with the below key enablers.

Effective Collaboration
Ease of use
Prioritization of Punches
Efficient inspection
Faster Project handover
Enhance reporting
Paperless surveys
End to End Integration

Where are we?

See it All! See it All!

See it All!

QPunch Dashboard enables a bird's eye view for a quick status on all initiatives in which you are involved. You get all the below as you access to the dashboard.

Quick Project Status
Total Members
Responsive Design
Total Plans
Search Option
Overall Discussions
Overall Activities
User Details

What's Unique?

QPunch Features provides a unique user experience for the application ensuring intuitive design and ease of use.

Informative Dashboard

Single consolidated view to know all projects overall status at any particular instance

Kanban Board

Enabling team collaboration with Visual representation of all activities

Gantt Chart

Advance scheduling of all the project activities to set appropriate dependencies and define overall timeline

Localised Templates

QPunch is generic to all project types and provides standard activity templates for users to have start point.


Virtual meeting integration to zoom, MS teams etc, Email notification to users, Chat messaging to #WhatsApp #Slack


Know how your team is occupied to balance overall work load and increase work productivity.

Enjoy work as one team

QPunch works based on Kanban Board method enabling team collaboration virtually with Visual representation of all activities to every project stakeholders

Seamless Reporting with Effective Collaboration

Resource Balancing Dashboards that assist in optimizing productivity to boost overall team collaboration

Are We Doing Well?

Real time visualisations of physical and remote teams workload using QPunch takes guesswork out of the picture.

QPunch tracks each team member’s workload and time-sheets to enable optimal team utilisation.

Remote teams... No Problem! Setup Virtual Team meetings seamlessly through QPunch integration

We know what you want from us

We are working towards being a global leader in providing Smart Modern solutions to the Project industry and beyond for our clients.

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